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Sketchbook Diaries

I am grateful to have a creative practice which allows me the ability to explore my culture, ancestors, and symbolic beliefs through multi media art making. 

For me it’s about the journey of life through play, reflection, meditation and persistence.

I work intuitively. 

I learn from my mistakes and sometimes they become the point of the exercise. 

nest (1)
wood (2)
sketch (3)
nest sketch II (5)
nest sketch (4)
sketch nesting



I am an artist constantly defining, learning and unfolding, thoughts & desires that feed into my images which tell my story through abstract marks that are deeply felt within me. 


My heart is a mixture of life and love and light and I wonder sometimes where it's all going. I can't seem to always be where I want to be with my work because I'm constantly doubting myself, which is to say, not trusting myself. I don't trust what comes up and I can get in the way of what my subconscious is saying. My practice of breathing, meditation and questioning my limiting beliefs are tools that help along the way.


I am grateful that I have the ability to escape into this wonderful world of images, light and colour, that I have this practice that helps me meander through this journey.

Bubbles _ String
water, stones
sketch 108
sketch 106
sketch 105


Sketching is also an important aspect of my practice, whether realistic or abstract. Like random thoughts that come into consciousness, so do images that tickle my senses, causing me to pause and interpret what I see as I walk in the natural world.


I love to document nature in all its seasons and use them as reference in the studio. I am seeking to get to the essence of what I am sketching, the colour, the light as it plays across my eyes. 


water stones
stones _vwater
sketch 104
pond III sketch
pond IV sketch


The Wolf Cried sketch
washed up 11
shadow in orange sketch
sketch 101
washed up I
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