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The Oceans Secrets

About Me

Growing up in England, I received conflicting messages about acceptance and expectations of place and home. Being born to immigrants from the colonised West Indies, I felt neither British nor Trinidadian yet this was were I was born, yet it was hard to be accepted. This desire to belong led me to adopt the States as my home for most of my adult years, specifically the Bay Area in California, creating a family and deep friendship bonds. Yet those feelings of displacement continued and now, back in the UK, I find myself learning to accept that home is where I am, it is within.  My creative practice is the space to find tranquility where I can explore the search for home within my work.

I have developed an art practice over many years that includes drawing from the human figure, painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture and installation. I enjoy the relationships of texture and pattern in nature, the spatial nuances and subtle balance of color and line. Currently, I use the practice of drawing, painting and monoprinting to create textural images, spaces for others to enter to feel their connection. I have exhibited my work internationally at group and solo shows and my work is held in private collections.

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