Yasmin Lambie-Simpson

About Me

Growing up in England, I received conflicting messages about acceptance and expectations of place and home. Being born to immigrants from the colonised West Indies, I felt neither British nor Trinidadian. This fascination with place and belonging has led me to adopt the States as my home yet those feelings of displacement continue. My creative practice gives me the space to find tranquility to explore the search for home within my work.


During the past twenty years, I have developed an art practice that includes drawing from the human figure, painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture and installation. I enjoy the relationships of texture and pattern in nature, the spatial nuances and subtle balance of color and line. Currently, I use the practice of drawing and mark making to create textures through monoprinting, painting and mixed media. I have exhibited my work throughout the Bay Area at group and solo shows and my work is held in private collections.