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Latest Series


I have been tackling my own relationship to water.  I love the water, I am the first one in for a swim but get scared if my feet don't touch the bottom. I am aware of the magnitude and strength of the ocean and am in awe of its majesty. My ancestors travelled across waters searching for a new home, as I have continued to do. The water holds many secrets. According to Carl Jung "The sea is the favourite symbol for the unconscious, the mother of all that lives....." I have been fortunate to live close to different bodies of waters, in California and now in Pembrokeshire in Wales, which I reflected on as I painted this series. They contain influences of cultures and artists I admire and tell the story of my life journey so far through inner landscape depictions.

In exhibition as part of The Calling: Journey of the Feminine at Beseder Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic, September 2022

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