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6000 Circle Project

6000 Circle Project

I am a member  of a collaboration group, The Calling. Our latest project, The 6000 Circle Project, focuses on the circle as a symbol of balance and unity, a never ending container of feminine energy and light. We are envisioning 6000 circles, created by a multitude of artists, of all genders, from around the globe, both groups and individuals, gathering and making for a series of interactive public and digital installations. 


The project will run March - November 2024 - a 9 month living project based on the nine months of gestation. Grand kick off will be March 2024 in honor of International Women's Month with pop-ups, exhibitions and events. Closing will be in November 2024 to celebrate the harvest, gratitude and thankfulness and also to speak to it being another important election year for women’s rights in the United States.


The participating artists or groups will self-define and design the parameters for their exhibitions and or individual pieces, as well as the documentation of the circle making experiences. Exhibition possibilities are open ended and can include pop-up, street style, traditional installations or virtual presentations; the only criteria is that the substrate for the images is circular and responds to the feminine journey. 


We are asking all participants to document processes, any circle making events, receptions, etc and to share with The Calling. This material will be combined with documentation from other facets of the project. Participants may also use this documentation for their own creative content.


We are excited to collaborate with all participants as we create this global celebration. If you are called to join us please click the button below to learn more and to receive a participation packet of information.

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