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Yasmin’s matriarchal lineage runs through India. While visiting India in 2013, Yasmin was fascinated by the abundance of marigolds and intense colours that contrasted with the visions of poverty everywhere. She experienced both happiness and intense sadness.


In Indian life, colors always hold a special importance which makes the displaying of marigolds even more significant. White is widely accepted as the color of peace and purity. Yellow symbolizes sanctity. Saffron, a soft orange color, is considered an auspicious and sacred color and orange represents courage and sacrifice.


Marigolds can be found in Christian, Aztec, Buddhist, Hindu, and Pagan religious rituals. They have strong ties to the sun and its power to resurrect because they share the same bright yellow, red, or orange color; yet marigolds are also associated with pain and grief.


Coming to terms with the death of her Mother and the desire to find and express joy, Yasmin created a series of silk panels inspired by the colours and symbolism of the marigold flower.


The Sun and Me Series was exhibited in She Spoke, Yasmin’s first International exhibition in Prague, May 25, 2017.

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