Art Workshops

Mask Workshop with Guided Imagery

Mask Workshop with Guided Imagery

Who are we?  What do we share with those we come into contact?

How do we recognize the masks we are wearing?  How do we protect ourselves?


Guided Imagery is a tool for relaxation. It gives us an opportunity to get in-touch with our bodies and breathe. It is a technique that can be used to center and focus a group, and helps develop and encourage imagination.

Using Guided Imagery and relaxation techniques participants were able to make masks of themselves using plaster gauze. They were then taken on another guided imagery journey to meet the animal they connected to the most. This enabled them to transform the mask they made of themselves into their animal.

Many public school students do not get any form of art in their curriculum. Through a generous grant donation, Hayward Unified Middle School teachers were able to participate in special art workshops taught by artists as a professional development opportunity. The teachers could then adapt the curriculum for their middle school students and all art supplies for the students were included.

Young Students Workshops

Young Students Workshops

In Castro Valley, students were taken on a guided imagery journey to relax and be centered. They were asked to think about what family and home meant to them and to make art intuitively from this place. There were very expressive with colours and some of the students created a space that was textured and colorful.

What does home feel like?  What colors represent home?

What images emerge through the guided imagery and how can it be recreated using collage and or paint?

Comunity Workshops

Community Workshops

Martin Luther King (MLK) Celebration at the

Children's Creativity Museum in 2017.


"What are your dreams for your family, community or self as you think about MLK and his contribution to the world?"